Seven Puppies are Stuck Behind Bars


These precious 9 week old puppies are pretty depressed. After they were weaned from their mom, they were immediately brought to a rural VA shelter where they now spend their days in metal cages. The seven hound mix pups, Allie, Amy, Andrew, Annie, Alex, Austin and Abby don’t deserve to grow old in a shelter. They are missing critical time in their life where they should be meeting new people, exploring new environments, and also learning to love and trust a new family! Instead, their little immune systems are fighting off potential shelter-wide diseases, all while trying to huddle with each other for some familiarity and warmth. Homeward Trails knows that seven puppies are a big rescue, but couldn’t bear to say no when the shelter asked for help. While HT would love to commit, your donations are what will really be able to make the difference and save these little ones! Please sponsor the “A” team pups so they can grow up to be healthy, happy and well rounded dogs!