Sick Sixlets Desperately Need Help (by 2/23)


Six cute-as-a-button 6-week-old puppies (Charlie, Bowie, Rita, Faye, Julie, Tiny) barely weighing in at 2 pounds were found covered in fleas, filled with intestinal worms, and struggling to survive in Guánica, PR after their pregnant mother was discarded like trash by her previous owner. Kind-hearted residents living nearby fed her, but even with their help, she developed mastitis and could not feed her litter, so the residents took her to a local animal clinic. The mom was given antibiotics, but the babies still need bottle fed and introduced to solid food. The local clinic does not have the resources – medicine, food, or staff – to care for such young pups, which leaves them at high risk. Transport from Puerto Rico to the States is extremely expensive, and bringing them to our shelter is the only way they will get out of harm’s way. Can you help sponsor the desperately-needed transport and care of these six sick puppies?