Silas’s Soft Ears are Ready for Loving Pets


Silas looks so sad that he is homeless! This sweet 6 month old plott hound mix was found as a stray in rural VA. His puppy dog eyes are just begging to have some safety and stability in his life. Poor Silas has spent time scavenging for food, searching for a safe place to sleep, and trying to not get into any accidents with cars or fights with other animals. Being a stray dog is hard enough, but being a stray puppy is downright almost impossible! Luckily Silas is now in a rural shelter where he is safe from the dangers of being homeless, but he is still in jeopardy. The shelter often reaches capacity and there is no guarantee Silas’ future wouldn’t be in question if they are full. He is such a kind pup who has his whole life ahead of him, but we really need sponsors in order to get him vet care and transportation to Homeward Trails. Those big soft ears need a kind new family to pet them – please donate to Silas today!