Sparkes Is Ready to Shine!


When a shelter staff names a stray dog Sparkles, you know they think that she is a pretty special girl! This 6 month old lab mix is lucky to be alive. She was found as a stray, wandering in southern VA. At such a young age, we have no idea how she was able to survive with no food, water or shelter. However, true to her name, Sparkle simply shines and puts her tough times behind her. The staff was sure her owners would come forward looking for her, but sadly Sparkles’ owner isn’t coming to get her. This is where Homeward Trails would love to step in and save her. Sparkles is more than ready to light up a new family’s life, but first things first, she has to be sponsored so she can make the ride to Homeward Trails! Can you be the one that helps keep Sparkles shining?