Stuck Living Outside in the Middle of Winter


These adorable 8 week old puppies have been ignored and neglected since birth. All seven of them were born in southern VA to an owner that had over a dozen dogs on their property. These seven sweethearts were likely never wanted from the start and were forced to be raised outside in the elements. Their mama dog did the best she could, but with winter getting harsher by the day, it isn’t fair that these babies have to grow up not knowing the love or comfort of a real home. Homeward Trails is confident that if only we could get them to a DC area foster, the puppies will flourish! However, 7 pups are quite a commitment, and we need to ensure their rescue is sponsored. It is highly unlikely they have ever had veterinary care and chances are they are infected with worms and other skin mites. Please don’t make us choose with puppies get to come and which have to get left behind. Sponsor these little ones today!