Sweet Sisters Dumped at a Rural Shelter


Sugar and Spice are everything nice! These 6 month old girls were dumped at the shelter by their owner. They were a result of a irresponsible breeder whose female had puppies and then they couldn’t find homes for them. The owner decided he didn’t want to be bothered by them anymore. Sugar and Spice deserve to be with a family that loves them and wants them! They are lucky enough to have each other at the shelter, but as time goes by, they wonder if they will soon be separated and living alone in cold cement runs. Rescuing one puppy is a task itself but getting these two to Homeward Trails is a little more of a challenge. Neither have had vet care and we have to get transportation that they both can get a ride on to the DC area. These sweet sisters deserve a loving home and we need your sponsorship and donations to get them to it!