The Three Musketeers are Worried About Their Future


Loralei, Wheeler, and Benz are three adorable sibling pups who have found themselves with no home. They were dropped off at someone’s house in rural southern VA. The kind homeowners tried to care for them but quickly realized that 3 puppies were a lot of work and are desperate to get them adopted. These babies haven’t known much stability and may end up unsure about humans if they aren’t shown soon that people can provide love and safety! Homeward Trails knows these cuties will make wonderful pets, but we have to get them to the DC area first. Chances are likely that they haven’t seen a vet so that is first on the list, but they also need transportation to HT. Without their rescue being sponsored, HT may not be able to commit to bringing them. Only thing worse is possibly having to decide which will have to stay behind! Please donate so all 3 of these puppies can start their new life. Their wagging puppy tails will be going a million miles an hour just knowing that their hard life is in the past!