These Puppies Nearly Died in the Woods


These poor puppies are lucky to be alive. This litter of five was born to a feral dog who lives in a wooded area in Puerto Rico. It’s a dangerous environment for puppies — cold, unprotected and unsanitary. If they stayed there, it’s unlikely they would all survive, facing a high risk of infection or starvation. There are simply too many puppies in the area and not enough people able to help them. 

We knew we had to rescue these dogs while they’re still young and open to people. We’ve been able to trap them, but they’re not home free yet. We have to raise the funds to get them to the United States, and that’s a big bill. We need to fly Stacy, Belen, Beto, Cesar and Bella here, get them proper medical care and get their vaccines taken care of so they can find loving homes in the DC area. Can you help these five sweet pups catch their flight and start new lives here?