They Have a Chance at Something Better


Flora and Felice are only months old. They were born to an overcrowded home in Puerto Rico, destined to be turned out on the streets as soon as the novelty of having puppies in the house wore off. Like a clock, counting down until they would no longer be wanted.

Flora and Felice were the last of their litter. Rescuers knew it was only a matter of time before they were turned out on the streets, like so many dogs in Puerto Rico. Left to fend for themselves, surviving on scraps and instinct. It took some convincing, but eventually, but rescuers managed to convince the family that life on the streets was no life at all, and that Flora and Felice deserved something better.

Luckily, Homeward Trails is that something better! These two adorable pups have a chance to fly to Virginia and find the loving, forever homes they deserve. They have a chance to grow up being cared for and loved, surrounded by family. They will never have to know what it is to be turned away and abandoned. They’ll never have to live in fear of cruelty or experience the pain and trauma of being hit, abused, and neglected. With our help, Flora and Felice will never have to suffer. And that is something better, indeed.