Three Brothers, Barely Surviving as Strays


These 3 brothers were found on the streets of Puerto Rico, desperate to survive. Surviving, in itself, was truly a miracle when there were so many dangers they faced on a daily basis. These boys had to avoid traffic, unfriendly humans and spend their lives in a constant search for food, water and shelter. It was an EXHAUSTING life. Until one day, a kind human found the trio and took them into her home. But their struggles were not yet over.

Summer is quickly approaching which means that cargo flights will start to dwindle with the rising temperatures. Carry-on flights were the pups’ best option but now that they had access to food on a regular basis they were growing FAST. We were lucky to find flight volunteers who could get these boys off the island in time but we still need your help to cover the high costs of transport and their additional vetting and care. Donate to these brothers’ big rescue today!