Tiny Babies Saved From a Hoarder’s Home


Itty bitty babies Ben and Jerry are two 9 week old Chihuahua mix puppies who were removed from a hoarder’s home in rural Virginia. These sweet babies are terrified. Their short life has been very sheltered and they’ve received inadequate care. Ben and Jerry are two of the lucky ones though. They were saved before they had to endure a whole life of living in filth. Homeward Trails knows that these two are at a critical age where a lot of TLC can turn their whole future around. With patience and love, Ben and Jerry can go from shy puppies to confident and happy dogs. Getting them out of the rural VA shelter they are at is a top priority, but without donations, one or both puppies might be left behind. Please help Homeward Trails raise enough funds to get these cuties vet care and a final ride to a foster home!