Trapped on a Island Without their Owner


Bear, Dora and Gypsy are URGENTLY in need of help. They have lived together with their owner on St. Croix for years and suddenly, everything has changed. Their owner was recently flown off the island after suffering from a severe stroke and is unable to return to care for their dear pets. This is a heartbreaking situation for both the owner and the pups who have been well cared for in their home in St. Croix. Neighbors have stepped in to help feed the dogs until a permeant placement was found but these poor pups need to find new homes NOW so they can start adjusting to their new lives.

A local rescue has secured funding to transport these dogs off the island NOW but we still need your help to cover their care while we work on finding these pups their forever homes. Please, help us put this horrible situation in their past and get these pups started on their new lives.