Two Special Chihuahuas Need Our Help


These two very special chihuahuas are Toni and Tristin. At only 2.5 years old, their whole life has been turned upside down. Sadly, Toni and Triston’s owner went to jail for an indefinite amount of time. This means that in the blink of an eye, they went from living with an owner they surely adored, to spending their days and nights in a cage in the shelter. With such a unique look, it is quite surprising no one has adopted them yet! Tristin looks like a precious hyena pup and Toni is just too cute with those long legs. Homeward Trails knows these little ones will make excellent pets, but first they need to be transported to the DC area and receive overdue vet care. Can you sponsor both these little girls so they can put their sad past behind them? Your donations to their rescue will bring them one step closer to being in their favorite place – on their new owner’s lap!