Unwanted, Surrendered and Looking for Love


Jake has never had a family who loved him.

Jake was surrendered to his rural VA shelter several weeks ago when his sibling, the owner’s “favorite”, killed a chicken. The owner was unwilling to keep Jake and his sister if he could not also keep his favorite and decided that ALL his dogs would be surrendered if he couldn’t keep the one he really wanted.

So, Jake and his sister (who showed clear signs of abuse) ended up stuck at the shelter too.

Jake’s two siblings have since been rescued and taken with them the last of the only family he’s ever known. He has since become a shelter favorite but what Jake really needs is a family of his own. With constant streams of new strays and owner surrenders filling up his rural shelter, we’re desperate to help Jake make the move to Homeward Trails where we know he would find the family he so longs for and deserves. Please help us get Jake out NOW!