Uprooted mom wants to protect her babies

This is Bailey and her 3 week old puppies. They’re coming to us from a shelter in Southern VA, where their owner had to surrender them. As a new mama trying to take care of all of her babies, poor Bailey is scared and protective; she doesn’t know what’s going on, or why her life was uprooted. She’s a gentle soul who just wants to keep her children safe, and a crowded shelter surrounded by loud dogs and cold hard floors isn’t the kind of environment they need to grow big and strong. We want to get her and her babies to Homeward trails, where we can set them up in a foster home to live peacefully and adapt to their new existence without having to worry. Their vet bills alone are going to be high, as there’s a lot of medical needs for a new mom and new born babies. We want to be sure we are giving Bailey and her little ones the best possible start – so that when they’re ready to find their forever homes, they feel safe and relaxed and ready to take on the world.