We Don’t Want Bubbles’ Hope to Pop


Bubbles is a bouncy little one year old beagle mix pup. This happy boy was found as a stray in rural VA, wandering around in search of food and water. Like many strays, he likely had to be on a constant search for food, and keep a close eye on his surroundings to be sure he didn’t get hit by a car or attacked by another animal. It is very likely that he could have been a hunting dog that an owner discarded or belonged to a family that simply decided they didn’t want him anymore and let him loose. We may never know Bubbles’ prior life, but we do know that his happiness is fading at the shelter he was brought to. Days and weeks go by and not a single adopter has stopped to consider giving him the life he deserves. So each night he lays down on the hard floor, just hoping the next day will be different for him. Homeward Trails wants this sweet boy’s dreams to come true. It is up to you now as HT cannot guarantee anything for Bubbles without your support and donations. Please sponsor this beagle mix today!