Wiley Barely Escaped Alive From A Hoarder’s Home


When Homeward Trails heard that there was a hoarding case that had over 100 dogs that needed to be rescued, they immediately signed up to help in any way that they could. A neglectful hunter failed to get his dogs fixed and now a rural VA shelter is completely overrun with homeless dogs. Many of them aren’t even being kept in their runs or kennels, but rather are staying in crates because there is simply no more room. Sweet Wiley has been one of the lucky ones that survived life at a hoarder’s home. It is likely he has never spent a night on a soft bed or been consistently fed, but Wiley doesn’t let that get him down. He is so excited to be safe. Somehow Wiley knows that even though he isn’t sure what the future holds, anything is better than where he came from. Wiley is just beginning his new life and Homeward Trails is so excited he was able to come to the DC area. Please sponsor Wiley so we can get him much needed vet care. Your donations will make a huge difference in the life of this sweet boy!