William and Kate Deserve to Live Like Royals


William and Kate are living anything but the fancy life. These cute 4 month old pups were found wandering the country as strays. Surely they were looking for their royal palace but instead found themselves sleeping outside and scrounging for food. It is dangerous for a young dog to be homeless. They are susceptible illnesses, other animals attacked them, and starvation and dehydration. We aren’t sure what William and Kate’s life was prior to being found, but Homeward Trails wants to make sure they are treated as the amazing dogs that they are! Being a stray and eating scraps likely means they are full of worms and fleas. It is imperative that we raise enough donations to secure their transportation to the DC area and cover a variety of veterinary expense, not just for one but two puppies! Please help William and Kate have their glow up moment and sponsor them today!