Zelda Can’t Bear Another Day Behind Bars


This beautiful bridle girl is Zelda! She is a very striking 2 year old mixed breed who had sadly been living life as a stray in rural NC. Once Zelda was found and brought to a rural shelter, the staff figured it would only be a matter of time before her owner came to claim her. Sadly though, the days turned to weeks and not a single person has come by to pick up this sweet girl. Our hearts break for Zelda. She isn’t letting life in a shelter get her down, but as time goes by, the chances of getting adopted dwindle quickly. We don’t want Zelda to spend months or even worse – years – living in a cage. If Homeward Trails can secure enough donations, Zelda can be on the next ride up to the DC area! Your sponsorship really can be the difference between life and death for Zelda, so please considering donating to her rescue before it is too late!