Happy Tales from the Trails

haileyWe had a wonderful chocolate lab, Casey.  Sadly, she passed away, and we were all upset about it.  A few months went by, and we were throwing around the idea of getting a new dog, but no one wanted to “replace her“.  One day in March 2009 my dad was at Starbucks, and he saw that there was an adoption event at Bark.  He went, just to see the dogs, and Hayley caught his eye.  We requested to adopt her.  Luckily, we were chosen to be the family to adopt her.  She is so happy here!  She loves to go on walks, play, go to the dog park, etc. Hayley is such a wonderful addition to our family, and we just love her so much!!! Thanks!

-Danielle and Family, Olney, Maryland


As soon as we bought our house we started looking for a four-legged friend. I found Sampson (formerly Cotton) on Petfinder and instantly was interested. He was handsome, active and loving. At our first meet and greet Sampson was aloof because he was completely loyal to his foster family. In spite of this, we adopted him and he has become my shadow! Sam follows me everywhere and is always at my side.



A few months later we decided to start looking again for a friend for Sam. Ryder (formerly Sarge) was at a high-kill shelter in West Virginia and we decided to foster. Fostering immediately turned into ownership because we fell in love! Scrawny and skinny with matted fur, Ryder wasn’t exactly a sight for sore eyes but now he is healthy and very happy and boy, can he run! He is a beautiful dog and the most loving.



The two boys have become fast brothers and friends and our household is definitely complete…although I always joke with Seth about adding to our “Aussie” pack! 🙂

P.S. Just wanted to add how grateful we are to the volunteers who initially took Ryder in while we were dealing with a major flooding disaster at our home!

-Jennifer (and Seth), Washington, DC


Our Daisy (formerly Miss Muffet) adopted us January 25, 2006. She came to us on a home visit and never left. Although my husband was in favor of the adoption, he wasn’t sure he really wanted a beagle. No one told Daisy that. She walked in, looked around, sniffed a little and promptly peed on my husband’s favorite rug! He burst out laughing and she’s been with us ever since.

DaisyDaisy was incredibly shy and we weren’t sure of her age–our vet guessed her to be 6 or 7. She had been used as a breeder and we later found out that she had actually been shot at (she still had the buckshot in her back). Her foster dad told us she had been put out on the streets and was nearly run over (like her brother) when she was found. So, we were facing several hurtles in getting her used to us.

The biggest thing in our favor was her amazing nature. After all she had been thru, she only every showed love and appreciation. She quickly took over our home (and our hearts) and became our constant companion. She loved car rides and belly scratches and fireplaces and snow and shrimp. She gave love freely and brought warmth into a room every time she entered it. She had the ability to sense emotions and respond to them. If I was sad, she was warm and affectionate. If I was upset or angry, she became a three-ring circus. She never met a hand she couldn’t love. She made us realize that a hand not scratching a dog, was a hand wasted.

As you can tell, I’m speaking in the past tense. Daisy went over the rainbow on Saturday, October 23, 2010 after a valiant struggle with cancer. She only had us for three short years, but we will have her forever in our hearts. Thank you Homeward Trails for bringing me the happiest three years of my life.

God bless you all.

-Claudette White, Bowie, MD

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