Pet Insurance Facts & Reviews

Not sure if you should get pet health insurance? Well, you are not alone. Pet insurance, like human insurance, can be difficult to navigate and understand sometimes. But we can make the decision a bit easier. When you adopt an animal from Homeward Trails, you are eligible for low-cost insurance for your first month. Click here to learn about how to get insurance on your pet for as little as $5 for his/her first month in your home.

With any insurance you need to compare prices and coverage and figure out what plan best suits your pet. For young, healthy animals it often makes sense to get just emergency insurance for your pet, since your annual vet costs are likely not to be extraordinary, provided you adopted a healthy animal with no known existing conditions. But predicting when your animal might ingest something, break a bone or incur a major injury is impossible despite best efforts to prevent such occurrences. So having emergency insurance can often help you navigate such an episode more affordably should it happen.

In older pets, you will want to consider a different type of insurance – one that covers more routine care, more frequent in senior pets. Blood panels, dental issues, urinary issues, arthritis, eye issues are all things more common in seniors and can add up quickly. So look for an insurance that will take into consideration the most common ailments that seniors face.

Below are some insurance options out there for you to consider. But first, check out this page that reviews many of these plans for the purpose of helping you navigate the choices and pick the best plan for you and your pet.

Insurance Plans