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Jim, one of the dogs at Ritchie

Jim, one of the dogs at Ritchie

A fundraiser to benefit Ritchie Animal Shelter, the HT partner shelter that suffered a devastating fire earlier this week, will be held on Tuesday, January 19th at 18th & U Duplex Diner in Adams Morgan. They are located 2004 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan.

All bar tips will go to the Ritchie County Humane Society to help with the costs from the fire.


medicalHT helps dozens and dozens of animals annually who need serious medical care.  Learn how you can donate to the HT medical fund to help animals with special needs!

You can now donate to a fund in HT that is specifically designed to help animals that have injuries or illnesses that require beyond-routine medical care.  Broken limbs, heartworm, parvo, FIV/FelV, other diseases, etc. These are ailments that so many animals in shelters suffer from and often cause them to be the first to be euthanized.

While almost all illnesses HT sees are treatable, it can cost thousands of dollars to make that happen. Chester, pictured here, came to us with a broken jaw, a broken leg, buckshot in his side and a mouth full of broken teeth. He has required many vet visits, fluids, meds and will require a long-term foster as he slowly heals. Surgeries for broken limbs, etc often cost over $2,000!

You can now make a donation to the HT Medical Fund to be used to help these special needs animals.

To donate to the fund online, click the button below to donate through Paypal.

To donate to the fund by check, simply write a check to “Homeward Trails Animal Rescue” and write “Medical Fund” in the memo/notes section. Send it to:

Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
PO Box 100968
Arlington, VA 22210

Our goal is to have a minimum of $10,000 in this fund at all times so that we never have to turn away a sick or injured animal.

Able to make a gift of $10,000? HT is offering the opportunity to have the HT Medical Fund named after YOU – our $10,000 donor. Please consider this today. We would like to give this very special fund a name – after a very special animal lover!


In the next 24 hours, is giving away $5,000 to organizations who get supporters to join through special links.

If you aren’t already shopping and searching on iGive for HT, go to before noon on Thursday, join and do one search and iGive will donate $1 to Homeward Trails. One dollar may not sound like much but if 50 people do it, that’s $50 raised for Homeward Trails! And if you buy anything from an iGive online merchant within 45 days of joining, you’ll generate a $5 bonus donation to HT on top of the regular percentage of your purchase.

Searching or shopping through iGive means a donation. It’s free and easy. A penny or more per search, a $5 bonus for your first purchase and up to 26% of your purchases at over 730 stores like Amazon, eBay, Travelocity, Home Depot, Staples, and many, many more. Plus you SAVE money with exclusive coupon codes, free shipping deals, and sale alerts.

After you join, the easiest way to use iGive is to install their browser toolbar- it automatically recognizes if you’re shopping at an iGive online store to help you generate a donation for every purchase!

Painting by Ally Burguieres

Painting by Ally Burguieres

Amazing local artist and animal lover, Ally Burguieres, offers beautiful paintings, sketches and prints in vibrant colors with lasting impressions.

Browse Ally’s website to see samplings and to consider have a piece commissioned. One hundred dollars of every piece of art sold goes to Homeward Trails!


igiveThrough iGive, you can help Homeward Trails when you search or shop!

A penny a search and a portion of each purchase will be donated to Homeward Trails Animal Rescue for free. How often do you search or shop online?

Go to to sign up.