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We want YOU to come volunteer at the Homeward Trails Adoption Center! We have daily opportunities for volunteers 16+ to come in and assist our staff with tasks around the shelter – things like laundry, preparing food, dog enrichment, cleaning, and organizing donations. Volunteer support allows our staff to focus on caring for the dogs and running play groups so the dogs get more exercise and have more fun!
Sign up today using the link below.

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Meow Palace is our temporary housing facility for cats located next door to our Adoption Center in Fairfax Station, VA. Volunteers are needed to take care of the cats, feed them, scoop the litter, and give them tons of love and attention. Volunteering is sooooo rewarding – you get to help out homeless kitties and get your kitty fix!
We have morning and evening shifts available seven days a week and volunteers sign up at their convenience. There’s no set schedule so it’s whatever works for you!
If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering please email