Custom post types

Custom post type for animals

You can easily create pages with animal details by using our custom post type – “Animals”.

There are many different ways in which it can be used, for example you can use it for rehome pages or petbooks.

Bellow are example:


Cutie pie Timber is a 6 month old lab mix who is living a pitiful life at a southern VA shelter. His days are spent starting at the bars of a cage, watching people and other dogs pass him by all day long and no one stopping to give poor Timber any attention or love. Timber was once living in a home where he thought he would be loved forever, but sadly his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore and discarded him at the shelter door. Timber is confused and scared, but we know that with a little TLC, he will blossom and learn that there is a family out there that would love to have him forever! His biggest obstacle now is getting out of the shelter and up to Homeward Trails. If his rescue funds are raised, Timber can get transported out of the shelter as soon as possible so he can start his new life! Can you help Homeward Trails by sponsoring this sweetheart? He is sure to grow into a happy, healthy and confident dog as long as we can “throw him a bone!”.