Dog Foster Questionnaire

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Are you interested in fostering only, or are you looking to adopt eventually?

fostering onlylooking to adopt eventually

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Size of dog (when full grown) you are willing to foster:
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Gender of dog I’m looking for:
malefemaleI’m open to either gender

Have other pets currently? If yes, please list names, types and ages:

I would like a dog who is:
very activeactivecalm and mellowgood with catsdog park materialgood with senior citizensgood with kids under 8 yrsgood with kids over 8 yrsgood with urban noisesother

Age of dog I’m looking for:
nursing litter8 weeks -6 mos6 mos-1 yr1-6 yrs6 yrs+open

I would consider fostering:
blind animaldeaf animalhypoallergenic animal onlypregnant animalamputeeanimal with ongoing medical needs

Type of fostering you are interested in:
regular fostertemporary/short term foster

I live in:
house/townhouse I ownhouse/townhouse I rentapartment/condo I ownapartment/condo I rent

Name, phone & e-mail of landlord:

Name and ages of all individuals living at address:

How many hours daily will pet be alone?

Where my pet will stay when I’m not at home:
crateloose in housegated areain yarddoggy daycarewith friends or familyother

If past pets, please list names, types and ages:

Name of Vet you use now and used with past pets*:

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I can/will commit to:
no trainingsome traininga lot of training

I have or will plan to install/use the following:
no fencechain link fencewood fenceelectric fencedoggy door
(if you currently have a fence, please indicate height):

I would like more info on:
healthy diettraininghousebreaking cratingother

I certify that I have never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.

Additional information that will assist in your search for a foster dog: