Giving Tuesday is December 1 – Donate Today!

Today,  December 1, Homeward Trails will be participating in our biggest fundraiser of the year, GivingTuesday! This one-day online day of giving will be the most important day of our year. With our revenues down this year by a whopping $200,000 due to COVID canceling our Caps Canine Calendar, our puppy party program, our kids camp, and our fall Chili Bingo we are anxious to finish 2020 in the best shape possible and start 2021 not having to leave any animal behind because of funding. But this is a tall order.
Last year on GivingTuesday, we raised $52,493.44. That amount equals our ability to help approximately 420 animals (that includes basic vaccines and tests and spay/neuter for half of them). Imagine what it will mean if we have to leave 420 animals behind. Our hearts can’t take it.
We cannot do what we do without you. Animals give us so much. And they have given so many of us that hope and love we’ve needed this year to keep going. Join us in pledging to make 2021 equally lifesaving. With your support we know we can do it!

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