Badger gets a new home & Barney gets a new best friend!

In December 2007 one of our tenants moved out and left Barney, a boxer mastiff mix, tied up outside in the cold with no food and water so we took him home with us. We advertised everywhere we could to find someone to adopt him, but he was so hyperactive that no one wanted him. Our older two dogs would not play with him and Barney had lots of behavioral problems. After seeing how well-behaved he was when he had someone to play with at the dog park, we decided that adopting a 4th dog was our solution. In December 2008, we contacted Homeward Trails after picking out a black and tan coonhound puppy on We didn’t know at the time that Badger was in a high-kill shelter in West Virginia with her sister Hayley.

Badger & Barney 2We volunteered to foster both pups so that HT could pull them out of the shelter. A few weeks later a nice family put in an application to adopt Hayley (you can check out Hayley’s happy tale too) and we formally adopted Badger.

Badger and Barney bonded instantly even before Hayley was adopted. They are always together. Badger’s energy and playfulness was such a great match for Barney that his behavioral problems soon dissappeared. He has finally stopped pestering his older two sisters and focuses his time wrestling and tumbling with Badger. They spend hours playing tug, chasing a tennis ball, and exploring the yard together. Their constant antics provide us hours of entertainment. Barney showed his new little sister how to behave on a leash and at the dog park, and shares his favorite sleeping sofa with her.

We’re so greatful to Homeward Trails for bring Badger into our lives. Badger has brought joy, laughter, and lots of love to our family. She was perfect puppy for us and we are so happy that we were able to rescue two deserving dogs from the shelter.

-Tami, College Park, MD

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