Brownie’s New Family

After searching through for several weeks in search of the “perfect dog”, we stumbled upon “Brownie”.  He looked like a friendly, happy-go-lucky guy in his picture, and that is exactly what he has turned out to be.  A week after he came home with us, my 12-year old son remarked that his favorite part of the day was returning home from school to find Tucker (renamed in favor of something more “masculine”) waiting at the door for him.  The kids and I enjoy taking him for walks, teaching him tricks, and playing with him each night in the living room, where, to our great amusement, he leaps and bounds about with seemingly endless energy. Despite this energy, he sleeps very well in his crate at night, staying there without barking or whimpering.  We’ve discovered that we can leave him uncrated while the kids and I are absent during the day without any harm to the house…


He has only had a few accidents in the house, and the joy he brings far exceeds any mess that he causes.

We are extremely grateful to Homeward Trails for their efforts to save potentially wonderful pets like Tucker.  Valerie Chapman, a volunteer for Homeward Trails, had driven numerous hours the day we received Tucker to and from West Virginia to rescue several other dogs and cats from a pound there.  Both she and Ralph, the man who completed the preliminary visit to our home, were extremely pleasant, polite, and informative.

-Mott Family (Towson, MD)

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