Buddy and Sassy make me smile every day

I have loved cats since my family adopted our first cat when I was 5. I grew up around them. When I was 7, I begged and pleaded for a cat of my own. Shortly after my 7th birthday, I got my wish and was allowed to adopt a kitten from a new born litter on my uncle’s farm. Pokey was my life-long companion from that point on. He was with me when my parents divorced and was by my side through two custody changes. When I graduated high school and “changed custody” from my dad to my mom, he came with me again and immediately adopted her two kittens as his kids. When it came time for me to move out, not only could I not give him the care he need finacially, I also couldn’t bear to see him seperated from the cats he grew to love. I was never more than two miles away and able to visit, though.

SassyOnce I got on my settled own my own feet, I wanted to bring him to my home. I also wanted to adopt a new companion for him, since he it had been 8 years since he’d been an only kitty. I discovered Seth (now Buddy) via and was very interested. And then the worst possible news came. Pokey had developed CRF and I rethought everything and again made the decision to leave him where he was. And, adoption went out the window, too. He passed away after fighting as hard as he could in December of 2009. He was 20 years old. I learned how to love uncondtionally from him and soon after, I knew I couldn’t live without that perfect pet anymore.

I looked on again, and to my surprise, the cute kitten I had been so taken with months earlier was still looking for a home. Some where along the line, he had lost his eye to a bad eye infection. But, I saw it as fate. Somehow I knew, this cat was meant to find a home with me. I applied to adopt him, and when it was suggested that he be placed with another cat, I was okay with it. Since I knew it would be hard to pick and choose another cat, I decided to consider his foster sister, Sherbert (now Sassy) since it seemed they were already settled and happy.


Upon meeting them both, I was in love. Buddy was demanding my attention from the moment I saw him, while Sassy looked on. Eventually, she came around and proved herself to be the most loving little girl. After meeting them and playing with them for hours, I knew they would both be a great addition to my life.

Now it’s four months later, and that was absolutely correct. For a cat that came from a feral colony, Sassy has really come around. She greets me at the door and demands to be petted and picked up. She will butt or rub her head against any part of me she can reach, until she has had her fill. She has also started coming around easily to family and friends. And Buddy is my little lovey-dovey entertainer. He is constantly ready to play. He is also the one to occupy my lap, sleep next to me, or just curl up quietly (surprisingly, since he is playful as can be) when I’ve had a bad day. I never thought another cat could occupy the place in my heart where Pokey lives, but these two have taught me there is always more room there. There hasn’t been a day where they haven’t made me smile and I can’t imagine life without them, even though they’ve only been with me for a short while. I am so grateful to the Homeward Trails volunteers who took such great care of them and worked to get them to me.

-Emily, Reston, VA

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