Coba: The Perfect Dog

After the loss of our 16-year-old golden/chow/collie mix we didn’t even want to think about getting another dog. Bet after waiting almost a year and a half, we decided we were ready to add the love of a dog back into the family equation. We knew we wanted a female, about 30 pounds, mild-mannered and good with cats, dogs and children. We thought it would be relatively easy to find the perfect dog – boy were we wrong! We reached out to a number of rescue organizations. We were most impressed with Homeward Trails who were really committed to finding the right dog for our family. Working with our adoption coordinator Patty Sharma it took only took one month to find the perfect dog – Coba. She was already spayed, housebroken, knew her basic commands and was leash trained.
And none of that is as important as her adorable personality. She looks at you as if you are the best person she has ever met. When we come home she gets so excited that she bends her head and nose together to form a crescent roll. Our cat Calamity is thrilled that Coba never bothers her and let’s her rule the roost. Though not a morning person, I find that being at the river at 6 a.m. with my little girl is so soothing for me. Since Coba entered my life I have been so much calmer and sleeping better. I’ve even met many of my neighbors because of her! She is such a joy and we could not be happier to have her in our lives
Alexandria, VA

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