Cooter and Roscoe: Sweetest Kittens

In March of 2009, our 17 year old cat, Fancy, had to be put to sleep.  This was one of the most difficult decisions for us to make, but we knew we had to do what was best for Fancy, even though it broke our hearts.  There was such a void in our home, that we decided to look into adopting a kitten.

Cooter & Roscoe

Jane with all her Foster Kittens

Jane with all her Foster Kittens

We looked online at kittens that needed homes, but I wanted to see a picture and just “feel” that this was the cat for us.  Finally, I got my “feeling”!  I saw this picture of a mommy cat named Jessica that was rescued when she was pregnant, and had given birth to 5 beautiful kittens.  Something about this picture just grabbed me!  I knew this was it!

We met with their foster mom, Jane.  We went every week until it was finally time to bring our kittens home.  Jane was the most wonderful foster mom EVER!!!  On the day we brought our kitties home, she made a CD for us of all the pictures and videos that she had taken of the kittens since they had been born.  What a wonderful gift for us!  On that day, we took a beautiful picture of Jane with all her foster kitties.  Roscoe and Cooter are the sweetest, most loving cats ever.  Surely, that is due to the wonderful care and love they got from Jane!  We can never thank her enough.  Our family is complete now.

-The Martinis Family, Frederick, MD

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