Eli’s Gift- Smiles and Laughter

After losing our American Eskimo earlier this year, we finally decided it was time to start looking for a companion for us and for our dog, Joy, who had come from Homeward Trails in 2008. After contacting HT again, Sue Bell told us about Eli. We met him at the Pet Fiesta and fell in love. But someone else was looking at him and we had to wait through the weekend – a couple of the longest days we’ve had!

EliEli has been with us about a month now and is just a love! And Joy, who previously didn’t like to play or visit the dog park, now can’t wait to get in the car and go and is the frequent instigator in a game of tug of war! It’s so good to see her coming out of her shell.

Eli has brought us nothing but smiles and laughter and we are so happy to have him with us. Thanks, Sue, for finding him for us!

-The Rauscher Family, North Potomac, MD

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