Fern, the 70-pound lap dog

When I decided it was time to get a dog I spent a lot of time at animal shelters and perusing the internet looking for the perfect rescue for me. About a month or so into my search I came across Fern. Her story tugged at my heart. She had been left outside of a trailer park pregnant with puppies, heartworm positive, and in such poor condition that only one puppy from her litter survived. Her story was very similar to that of the Corgi/Shepard mix that was a member of our family for many years. I knew at once I needed to inquire about this dog. After what felt like a long time, the adoption papers were in the works and I was communicating regularly with her foster family scheduling as many visits as I could to see her.

FernFernSoon everything was finalized and Fern arrived at my home the night before the blizzard of 2010. I had my dog. Fern is now well adjusted, and loves her new home. She shares the house with a 10lb miniature dachshund named Jack who has become her best friend, and she has turned into quite the running partner. She is an absolute love who is just as content to go for a 3 mile run as she is to lay at home on me; she is a 70lb lap dog. She is gentle when she needs to be, but knows the time and place for rough housing. She is a smart, wonderful, loving, mildly neu rotic dog who fits perfectly into my life. Fern has ended up being a fantastic addition to my family. And I thank Sheila, John, and Robin for helping me make her a member of the family.

 -Shannon, Olney, MD

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