Fiona, My Adorable Black Ball of Fluff

FionaIthumb_Fiona2 am the proud parent of Fiona Sassy Sauer, a former Homeward Trails Animal Rescue puppy. I am so grateful to this organization because without it I wouldn’t have my amazing pet, friend, and constant companion. A year ago this month (December) I had been contacting various rescue organizations because I wanted to adopt a dog. While I was in the process of hearing back from the various organizations I visited my friends, Jen and Matt, who were foster parents for Homeward Trails. They said that the dog was found in a high kill shelter in North Carolina and was brought to Washington DC to be adopted but the people backed out once she was in the area. When I walked into their apartment and saw Fiona anxiously wagging her tail waiting to be pet it was love at first sight. She was this adorable black ball of fluff with an amazing temperament and personality. She reminded me of my childhood pet. I instantly knew she was coming home with me.

The next day Jen and Matt had to take Fiona to an adoption event. I practically ran to the signup table to fill out my adoption application and then spent the afternoon hovering over Fiona so no one else would try and adopt her. A few short weeks later Fiona came home with me and has been a part of my family ever since. I cannot imagine my life without her and enjoy every minute with her. I would and often do recommend Homeward Trails to people who are looking for a new loving addition to their family. Thank you for finding Fiona!

-Stephanie, Williamsburg, VA
December, 2009

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