Freckles: The Poster Boy for Older Dogs

After our previous Homeward Trails dog passed away, we came back to ask for help in finding another dog for our family. The biggest obstacle we faced was that the dog needed to be cat friendly, or to be more precise; it had to be tolerant of our very in-charge cat Dunkles. After the initial meeting, Dunkles seemed to approve of him, so Freckles joined our family.


Freckles is the nicest, calmest dog we’ve ever owned. At eight, he’s an older dog, but because of that we have benefited in so many ways. He was already housetrained, past the puppy crazies and is a total gentleman. Our nieces just adore him and he is gentle enough that they are able to take him on walks. He travels with us when we go to visit family and gets along with all the dogs and cats there.

We volunteer at a retirement home and we recently started taking Freckles along with us. He generally sleeps through the activities the residents take part in, but after that he joins in the fun. The residents throw the ball for him and spoil him with treats. If we leave him home the residents all ask where he is and ask why we left him home!

Our thanks to Homeward Trails, Tammy, and Freckles’ foster mom for all the good work you do!

-Addie, Chris, Dunkles and Freckles,
Falls Church, VA

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