Gideon Gets Two Mommies

I had wanted a cat for years, but my roommate was a bit allergic to them and had resisted the idea.  One day she came home and announced that she really wanted a pet to come home to.  We talked it over and decided if we kept a cat out of her room and vacuumed frequently to minimize the effects, she could deal with the allergies for a few weeks until her body adjusted.  We also knew that at some point in the future, we wouldn’t be living together anymore, so we agreed that it would be “my” cat, but that we would both be mommies.  So we got online and started looking for cats and adoption fairs.  We inquired about a few different ones but one little furry orange and white one definitely stuck out for us, and we were thrilled when his foster mom, who worked with Homeward Trails, said she could bring him by for a home visit the very next day.

GideonWhen his foster mom opened his carrier in our apartment, he immediately shot out and started exploring, but was sure to keep low to the ground so he “wouldn’t be spotted.”  He was the most adorable little kitty at about six months old.  We loved how he shot out to explore instead of hiding in the carrier, and we was (and still is) a BIG talker.  We played with him for a little bit, expecting to have to give him back at least until arrangements could be made, but to our delight, his foster mom said we could keep him that day!  We had to run out quickly to buy supplies, and when we got back he was a little timid and hid under the bed for a while before coming out to get to know us.  We decided to leave him alone (hard as it was!) to let him get used to his new home.  At first he was a little timid – I would find him lounging on my bed, or the couch and he would immediately jump down, thinking he was going to be yelled at.  We reassured him that it was his home too and he could go wherever he wanted (in retrospect, allowing him to lounge on the dining room table was a bad idea and has led to a bad habit, but he was too cute and we were powerless to resist him).

Almost two years later, Gideon (as we named him) is a full-grown, happy cat who still loves to talk (and on occasions where he really wants canned food, or just feels like it, scream).  In some ways, he’s like a dog – very loyal to me and follows me everywhere, even lounging on the kitchen floor while I do dishes, or screaming outside the bathroom door while I take a shower.  His greatest joy in life is when we bring home new paper bags from the grocery store, and he loves giving us “headbutts” – which we love too!  My roommate and I have each moved in with our significant others now, so Gideon has gained a great daddy, but luckily his “other mommy” lives just a few floors down and visits him frequently, too.  I am so blessed to have Gideon in my life and so thankful to Homeward Trails for introducing me to him.  I’m now in law school and he is a great little study buddy, always hanging out with me while I’m doing my schoolwork, even though he could be playing with his daddy instead.  My boyfriend and I love having him as part of our family, and hope to get him a canine brother or sister in a few years.

-Meagan Fassinger

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