Jesse thinks he’s in dog heaven!

Jesse (formerly known as Bo) has been with us for 2 years now. Gone is the shy, tentative guy we carted home from DC that day. Today we have a confident, happy dog who thinks he’s made it to dog heaven!

JesseHe spends his week days lounging close by while I work from home.

BoOldWeekends he’s with us on outings, family visits and leisurely car rides. His heart is big enough that he’s “adopted” a few neighbors who recently lost their dogs. He tolerates their cuddles and coaches them on how to give doggie massage. He is very social – is wonderful with our grandchildren and accepting of visitors – human or canine.

He has a penchant for snow and mud…loves to run and then roll in what ever is nearby to cool off!

He has full run of the house when we’re not home – and is so joyful when we return. Jesse meets us at the door with a toy in his mouth and two minutes of his unique grumbling.

We can’t thank you enough for rescuing this guy. He’s a beautiful dog – inside and out!

-Claudia & Joe, Centreville, MD

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