Kiki, the Happiest Part of Me

Kiki was 5 years old when she was abandoned at a shelter by her owner. She spent a week at the vet after being rescued by Homeward Trails and had a flea infestation so bad that she required iron supplements for three weeks. Kiki’s foster parents showed compassion for Kiki and were patient with her – they took excellent care of her. When I met Kiki, I could see that they loved her as much as I knew I would.

I wasn’t looking for much in a cat before I adopted Kiki. All I had wanted was another cat to love, and of course I’d hoped that this new cat would get along with my other cat, Reese, and vice versa.

KikiThough Kiki and Reese merely tolerate each other now, after a year and half, each step getting here has felt monumental. I’ll never forget the first time Kiki stepped within a foot of Reese and neither cat hissed, the first time they shared their cat tree to watch the birds outside the window, or the first time we all snuggled on the couch together as a family. Our progress has been slow but entirely enjoyable and well worth it.

Kiki has been more than just another cat to love. She gives me so much love in return every day. Every morning I wake up to Kiki snuggling beside me on my pillow, waiting for me to open my eyes and scratch her cheeks. When I floss my teeth, Kiki sits patiently beside me, staring up at me with wide eyes and yearning to play with the floss in my fingers. Kiki and I do yoga together. Kiki adores relaxation pose, and she practices her favorite pose often during our workouts. Kiki also enjoys being a lap kitty, climbing onto my thighs every time I kneel to take a picture of her and every time I settle into the couch to watch TV. At night, Kiki jumps on the bed and wiggles under the covers to spoon with me until I fall asleep. Kiki’s a part of my day, the best part of my routine, and the happiest part of me.

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