Lily fits into her new home!

We adopted Lily in early July 1010. We were looking for a new companion for our 5 year old orange and white tabby, Rusty.  Rusty’s sister had passed away several months before and he was lonely when we were not at home, but quite happy being the center of attention when we were at home.  My husband Ken, as well as Rusty, were not sure about whether Rusty would accept another cat.

With the help of HT volunteers Stephanie Litos and Susan Pizza, we found Lily, a dilute tortie, who had recently been rescued from a shelter. We new nothing of her background, other than her family dropped her at a shelter but would not take the time to fill out the paperwork. We brought Lily home and kept the 2 cats separated for a week.  Rusty did a bit of hissing at the door that first week, but we gradually let them loose in the house the next weekend.  Rusty was not sure he liked this new interloper at first.  But Lily immediately made herself at home, and much to Rusty’s chagrin, decided she preferred his litter box, food bowl, toys, and favorite sleeping spot!  The shelter said Lily was 4 but our vet said she could be as young as 2, and Rusty had a hard time keeping up with her boundless energy and over enthusiastic playing.  But Rusty decided Lily was not all bad, and decided to tolerate her.

Lily & Rusty

Lily & Rusty

Lily at first was a little too eager exploring her new home, including the table tops and counter tops.  But over time, she has settled down into more appropriate behavior and no longer gets on the counters, unless mom is too slow at feeding. Lily squeeks when she wants food, and protests loudly if we go to bed without exercising her with either a wand toy or her favorite, the laser. Lily and Rusty have now become good friends, playing, chasing and bathing each other, and sharing the bed with their parents. And doubtful Ken? Well Lily had him completely wrapped around her little paw after the first week!

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