Linus- He’s a handful but he’s our little boy!

We adopted Linus (formerly Lightnin) when he was a few months old in the summer of 2008, after his previous owners gave him up for the serious offense of busting their blow-up kid’s pool. After doing the paperwork and everything for the adoption, we brought him home to our apartment in Laurel, MD! The next step was 4 baths to bring his tail back to the famous beagle dipstick tail as opposed to its urine stained yellow.

LinusSkip ahead two years later, after several bras, sunglasses, hats, omelets, flip flops, exercise balls, tupperware, etc. have been eaten…After drawers, cabinets, doors, baby gates, 8 ft. privacy fences have been successfully defeated…We love him as much as the day we adopted him, if not more!!

He now spends his days running around the house with his sister Lola, the American Bulldog, and his brother, Binx, the tabby cat, in our home in Crofton, MD. He’s seen the U.S. Capitol Building and happily peed in the rotunda. He’s hiked in Great Falls, VA, and he makes regular trips to Northeastern PA to see his grandparents. He’s a handful, but he’s our little boy, and we wouldn’t trade him for the world!

-Kristin & Kathryn, Crofton, MD

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