Luke Skywalker’s Adoption Anniversary

Today Luke Skywalker [formerly Barrett] celebrates his first adoption anniversary! He came to us a skinny, timid young dog with no training and diagnosed with worms and heartworm. A year later, Luke is confident, playful and extremely intelligent–he loves dogs, cats, children and adults–in short, his great big heart has love for all. He is the most beloved dog in our entire apartment complex, and even inspired a Christmas drive for donations for Homeward Trails this past winter. We are incredibly proud dog parents, and love the way people respond to him.


A special shout out to Robin who helped Luke find his way home, and to everyone at Homeward Trails, thank you for all your support that you provided from his rescue to his treatment, and for all the wonderful work you do to save lives. Here’s a collage of Luke’s photos–on the first day we met him, his first day in his furever home, and what he looks today.

– Tazreena and Anders

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