Mackenzee: We Found Our Perfect Puppy

We had been searching for the perfect puppy for months. Just missing out on some really cute ones, and having to pass on several others since they were not compatible with our current family (two cats), we had all but given up hope. Then one evening we were online and found the information on a small litter of puppies being brought to the DC area.

Trying not to get our hopes up, we emailed HT asking if the pups were still available – thinking that once again we were going to just miss out on an adorable little one. Not soon after we sent the email, we got a response that the pups were still available and we could visit them at their foster home. We were ecstatic!

As we approached the foster house that next evening, my husband and I looked at each other and said (almost in unison), “We’re just here to look.” Both of us knowing that we’d know if we’d found the right family member.


Just as we walked in the house, a small little black puppy ran right up to us and sat on my foot. My husband and I both looked at each other and agreed that she was definitely a little cutie, but we still weren’t completely sold. Then we went to the back porch where all of the little puppies were playing. We sat down on the step to watch them interact and to see if any were right for our home. The same puppy scooted right in between us, stretched out, looked up at both of us letting out a sigh and fell asleep – right there between us! It was so cute. That’s when we knew that we had found the newest member of our family. Mackenzee has been with us for three years now and she loves all of her sisters – Leila (meow), Cumi (meow) and Olivia (16-month old toddler).

The attached photo of Mackenzee shows her cuddled up in her favorite chair.

Chris & Lee Metsala
Alexandria, VA

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