Milo and Otis- Two dogs are twice the fun!

We lost our almost 19 year old poodle in May 2008. When we were finally ready to get another dog, we decided to adopt a rescue dog. We scoured Petfinder and found Milo and Otis and instantly fell in love. We applied to adopt them, then met them and their foster Mom. She told us they were found in Baltimore in July, and that when they were picked up, they were very dirty and very skinny. When we met them in September, they were no longer dirty and they were no longer skinny.

Milo & OtisYou could tell how well Lynn had taken care of them and that she was truly looking out for their best interests. She told us she wasn’t sure if they were in a home together or found each other on the street, but they were a bonded pair and would only be placed as a pair. Two dogs means twice the fun! We loved them and they apparently loved us, so we brought them home on September 10, 2009. Our groomer says they are two of the happiest dogs she’s ever seen. We love them and of course we spoil them rotten! As you can tell from the picture, they absolutely LOVED all of the snow we had this Winter!

-Julie and David, Lorton, VA

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