Morgan: The Miracle Dog

We recently celebrated the sixth anniversary of Morgan being with our family. It is amazing that this little dog that wasn’t supposed to even survive six months has graced us with six full years of joy and is still going strong. Diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition she surprised everyone, including our vet. Little did we know long ago that Morgan would outlive the other dog in our life.

Her “sister” Casey, now old with severe arthritis, losing her eyesight and hearing, and showing early signs of liver and kidney failure is not long for this world. Morgan does a wonderful job of watching out for Casey – sounding out the alarm when the neighbor’s cat strolls by, staying with her as they wander the yard and flopping down next to her as we all relax after a long day. Morgan is a happy and playful dog. Her vet, allergist and cardiologist have all stated that they don’t know what we are doing to help her live this long, but we should continue whatever it is we’re doing. We call her our Miracle Dog and couldn’t be happier to have her in our lives.

-The Ritchie Family, PA

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