Mr. Magoo, Full of Love & Mischief

We have always loved chow mixes and were looking on the Homeward Trails website when we discovered our little guy.  His name was Brutis at that time and he was in a shelter in Tucker County, WVa.  We adopted him from the picture/narrative and waited a few weeks for him to be delivered to the DC area… but there weren’t any drivers in WVa able to meet the Homeward Trails volunteers mid-way.  We decided to drive to Elkins on a Saturday morning and pick up our new family member.  We also brought 2 other adopted dogs to their new homes.

Mr. MagooWithin 5 minutes of meeting our new boy, we realized he was not a Brutis —- but he definitely was a Mr. Magoo.  We were told by Minnie, the wonderful animal control officer of Tucker County, that Magoo came from one of the worst homes in the county– he weighed 17 pounds on the day we brought him home.  He is our wild boy:  seems to have a few coyote mannerisms and does not have polished manners but is full of love and mischief.  His personality makes us laugh everyday, especially when he tugs at our pants!  He enjoys life with his rescue sisters.

Barb & Lou, Fairfax Station, VA

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