Norbert’s Forever Family

We first saw Norbert (originally Jonah) on a Craig’s List ad from HT, and we went straight away to meet him at the next Adoption Event. He was as friendly, gentle and well-mannered as described.  His foster-mom (who turned out to be a neighbor) spent lots of time answering our questions, and we all took turns walking him and watching him interact with other dogs.It was love at first sight for us parents, but our kids were somewhat nervous at his size.  We’d had cats for 14 years, but he would be our first dog.

Jonah had been returned to Homeward Trails by his previous family, where a variety of stresses and lack of consistent leadership had caused him to start marking inside their house.  This wayward behavior stopped as soon as he had moved in with his foster mom, and we were convinced that stable environment and a consistent diet of exercise, discipline, and affection (in that order – we are big Cesar Millan fans) would keep him on the straight and narrow.  You could tell from just the first meeting that he had a sweet and ready-to-please nature; all he wanted to do was make you happy.  We were ready to adopt him on the spot.

NorbertI was frustrated with the length of time it took me to get approved to have Jonah placed with us, but I was equally impressed with HT’s concern for his welfare, and making the right choice for him.  They urged us to get a walker who could take him out mid-day while we are away, and we did so, finding a wonderful new friend in the process.  His walker created a blog named for him “The Norbert Report,”, as she has also fallen in love with our “big old pumpkin-headed” dog.

We are Norbert’s second (and final) family, and I still cannot imagine that he was ever like the dog his first family turned in.  With us he is extremely quiet, calm, and patient.  We go for long walks every morning and evening, and he loves making new friends. We find we get
out more in the neighborhood as a family and meet a lot of folks we haven’t met before. Norbert is big and strong enough that he will sometimes tow the kids on the their scooters while wearing his harness, and my wife and I have lost weight now that we’re in the habit of taking vigorous daily walks with him.  We always tell the kids that Norbert is spoiling them for dogs.  He is the best dog ever!

The Melnyks, Washington, DC

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