Our Sunny Experience with Homeward Trails

Growing up, we always had at least one dog in our house, all came from our local Humane Society.  My husband and step-daughter both wanted a dog…they really, really wanted a dog.  So, after a year of moving, getting married and settling in, I gave in.

Friends of ours adopted from Homeward Trails when the organization was at its infancy and other friends were foster parents with Homeward Trails, so we knew that we wanted to support this great organization and I started scanning the website.  WARNING:  DO NOT BROWSE THE HOMEWARD TRAILS WEBSITE UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO FALL IN LOVE!!!


Our biggest problem with Homeward Trails was trying to figure out which beautiful pup we wanted!   So, we sent out emails inquiring on “our favorites”.  We heard back from Valarie, a Homeward Trails Adoption Coordinator, who filled us in on the adoption process.   We were surprised that there actually was a process and not just filling out a brief application.    So, be prepared.  If you want to walk into a pet store and walk out with your new best buddy, the Homeward Trails process isn’t for you.  They want to make sure that they are providing good homes to their animals.  Valarie was a great resource for us throughout the process which included: an initial interview, home visit and the visiting the puppy at the foster home.   She had recently adopted a puppy, so she was a wealth of knowledge on even the simple things, like “What should I feed my new puppy?”

On August 29, 2009 we picked up our quirky girl, Sunshine.  She came from a high kill shelter in West Virginia with her sister who was also adopted and named Sammie.   (For a very brief moment, we thought about adopting both girls, but then sanity overcame us!)

We still scan the Homeward Trails website.  Not just for a potential playmate for Sunny, but to check out the great events that support Homeward Trails.

– Jill Zimmerman (Arlington, VA)

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