Parker, A Happy, Grateful Pooch

I was just browsing the internet one night and somehow came upon the HT website. As I started to look, one photo caught my eye- a sad looking puppy staring through the cage bars. As I continued to read his details, at the very end it listed the shelter he was at and it also gave a euthanize date (only 4 days away).

ParkerParkerPFIt almost broke my heart so I contacted HT right away to let them know that we wanted to adopt him. When we got him, he was certainly a handful. Not very well behaved (but not in a bad way).

After doggy school and some maturing, he has become the most loving and affectionate member of the family possible. Some say that dogs know when they have it good and who saved them. Parker shows his gratefulness every morning when we wake up and that tail goes crazy, just knowing he has a family that loves him.

-The Grube Family, Herndon, VA

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