Peyton Changed Our Minds About Rescue Dogs

When we adopted Peyton, his name was Boo Boo and he was in a foster home through Homeward Trails. We first met Peyton at an adoption fair set up at a Virginia pet store. He was full of energy and so friendly! Not much has changed since then! Our entire family, including our 13 year old chocolate lab Hershey, all love Peyton!

PeytonHe has since moved with us to Connecticut where he has much more land to run around, play, and socialize with other dogs. Peyton enjoys daily hikes and walks around the lake. He is super fast! Peyton is always very loving. He will cuddle with anyone, and often nudges his way into Hershey’s bed (even though he has 3 separate beds of his own!).

PeytonOldOur family could not have been happier adopting Peyton. We had gotten our dog Hershey through a breeder, and although he has been an amazing dog, Peyton has changed our minds on shelter dogs. Sometimes they have a stigma as all being troubled, shy, or abused. However, as we have learned through Peyton, this couldn’t be further from the truth. I recommend adopting a pet to anyone and everyone — you truly are saving a life and these pets will change your life for the better!

-Laura, Connecticut

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