Red Buddy

We decided to look for a new dog about a year after our beloved 14 year old lab Madison died. We had several neighbors who successfully adopted wonderful dogs through Homeward Trails. We decided to do the same thing and give a rescue dog a forever home with us. We were looking for an adult dog that was house-trained and was already through most of the puppy stage. We worked with the fosters at Homeward Trails who helped us to figure out the best dog for our family. They suggested Red as the perfect dog for us.
Red BuddyWe feel so fortunate to have Red in our family. Our kids wanted to name him Buddy, but we didn’t want to take away his identity so we decided to combine the names. Red Buddy is a wonderful companion with a sweet demeanor. He is playful and active, but not hyperactive. He tries so very hard to please us and his tail never stops wagging. Red Buddy has learned to sit, lie down and shake paws – and he looks so proud of himself when he follows these commands. He is a fast learner and we can’t wait to teach him more. He joins us on our morning walks and interacts with our human family and friends and their dogs. He loves playing and snuggling with stuffed toys and his favorite game is racetrack in our basement. We couldn’t ask for a better companion and friend for our family. Thank you Homeward Trails!


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